My thanks to previous sponsors involved in the Ford Ranger project. Those sponsors (Home Hardware and Rustoleum) were more of an informal basis. They were interviewed and promoted as part of the project description. No formal shows or displays were planned. Yet, their businesses were promoted with many followers of the project purchasing products to complete similar projects of their own.

For the F150 project, several shows are already planned where the F150 project will be displayed and the sponsors prominently displayed (logos on the F150 and project description board, a 2' x 6' board with all the modifications and sponsor logos, websites and contact information). Outside of those shows and displays, I will also take the F150 to company events to help with promotions. The logos on the F150 will also be constantly displayed as the F150 is driven in the southern and central Ontario areas up to and including: east/west from along the 401/402 corridor and north/south 401/400/11 corridor with the majority of driving time in the GTA area (GTA, Oshawa, Mississauga, Barrie).

Benefits of sponsorship

  • Excellent marketing at an outstanding cost/benefit ratio.
  • Your business and website promoted with:
    – promotion/ad on this website (searchable, and SEO optimized)
    – two decals on the F150
    – one decal on the project board
    – regular updates on F150 club websites and Facebook pages
  • Quality work that enhances your brand.
  • Dedicated Facebook page with your logo and sponsorship information promoted.
  • Car show events and local drive throughs are planned as well as daily driving with decals prominently displayed.
  • Proven past performance with Ford Ranger project (2013, http://ranger.aprevost.com/)