The “base” for the project will be a 2004 Ford F150 XLT. I ended up purchasing this at an auction – by mistake. I was trying to bid on a 2004 F250 with a diesel engine. Both were the same color and same body style. My mistake, but still a great starting point.

Here are some of the features that make this a good starting point:

  • Rebuilt Transmission. The transmission is essentially new. It is a rebuild by a local shop using high quality components to make this a powerful hauler capable of strong towing. The rebuilt transmission is still under warranty.
  • Recent Rebuilt Engine. The 5.4L V8 engine has had some major work done to it. I am not entirely sure that it was a full rebuild, but it is a strong running engine with all the engine “noise” taken care of. That means the cam phasers have been done and the VCT solenoids have been replaced. The rebuilt engine has approximately 60-80K, though, so it will be inspected for timing chain and any other issues that are needed.
  • Minor Rust. The rust on the vehicle is relatively minor, except for the box. The box was clearly abused with much of the rust coming from the inside of the box and through. I may salvage it by replacing the wheel housings and the center section of the bed. The plans are to have a sliding center section ... that may work out well by replacing the center section with a square tube center panel built to slide out on rollers.